Indian Cuisines in Grasmere

Indian cuisine is well-known throughout the world due to its distinctive preparation and tantalizing flavor that stimulate your taste receptors. The Indian menu of a popular Best Indian restaurant in Grasmere offers a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.


Many non-vegetarian Indian food aficionados may be found all over the world because India is famed for its diversity. India is known for its extensive non-vegetarian cuisine, which is mostly based on chicken and goat meat.

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Indian Food in Grasmere

Indian Food only takes one word to elicit a wide range of emotions and prompt hunger faster than lightning. Indeed! Having a huge influence requires being innovative, modern, and using the perfect blend of cutting-edge and imaginative technology. The taste sensations are amusing because everyone can find everything on an Indian food menu.

Butter Chicken

North Indian cuisine is well-known for its butter chicken. Butter, cream, tomatoes, and Indian spices are the main components of the gravy in this dish of chicken with creamy gravy. As butter is the main ingredient in all culinary preparations, the dish mostly comes from Punjab.

Tandoori Chicken

One of the most favored Indian chicken dishes ever is this one. The tandoori chicken is bone-in chicken that has been thoroughly marinated in flavorful Indian spices and yogurt. Later, the marinated chicken is grilled in a clay oven in the style of India (Tandoor). The chicken is prepared over a low flame so that the flavors of the Indian spices can fully meld with the chicken.

Chicken korma

It is a traditional Mughlai chicken dish with semi-gravy. Various plant species, yogurt, almonds, and other ingredients are used to make a creamy gravy in which chicken is given an amazing and delicious flavor. One of the most popular dishes ever, we also serve lamb and goat meat versions of korma in our restaurant.

Roghan Josh

It is non-vegetarian, goat- or lamb-based Kashmiri food. The dish’s name, Josh, is derived from two words: Roghan, which refers to the dish’s eye-catching dark red color, and Ghost, which indicates mutton or lamb meat.

Chicken and vegetable biryani Biryani

The Indian variety of vegetable fried rice is called vegetable biryani, and it is simply fantastic. Do you want to discover why India loves this delicious dish so much? The mixture is spiced with nutmeg, mint, mace, coriander, pepper, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom.

Dine in Indian restaurant Grasmere

You may get an exciting Indian food menu at Royal Curry House with a variety of meal choices. Food is prepared by talented, full-time professional chefs with love and care.

As a result, if you wish to Dine in Indian restaurant Grasmere a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in a quiet and engaging environment, you must make a reservation at our restaurant.

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