Have you tried traditional Indian food in Australia before?

If not, Then Royal Curry House, a renowned Indian restaurant in Australia, is your one-stop destination where you enjoy a range of authentic mouth-watering Indian dishes freshly prepared by our masterly chefs with your friends and family. In this blog, we will discuss some must-try traditional Indian Food in Sydney.

5 most loving Indian traditional dishes at Royal Curry House


Rogan josh is one of the most loved traditional Kashmiri dish, also called “roghan ghost.” The dish got existence as rich non-vegetarian cuisine gravy made up of lamb meat and roots of alkanet flower. The roots of the flower were added to the dish for the dark red color to make it appetizing and beautiful. Rogan josh major part of cooking is fresh Kashmiri spices garnished with coriander. It has become the favorite dish for lamb meat lovers in an Indian restaurant in Sydney.


Saag has a worldwide popular traditional Punjabi dish made from English spinach or mustard greens. Adding ginger, garlic, onions, and aromatic Indian spices fried in desi ghee makes it tastier and more delightful. This delectable meal is often served with maaki ki roti (an Indian bread made up of corn meal). Combo of saag and Makki roti have widespread popularity not just among Indians but around the globe.


Prawn vindaloo, one of the palatable Indian seafood dishes originated from Goa. made by the Portuguese, who came to India in about the 15th century. Prawn vindaloo is a toothsome Goan-style curry dish made up of shrimp or prawns. The blend of fresh Indian spices, vinegar, and tamarind paste, lets it a spicy, tangy, and sweet taste.


Baigan an Indian name for eggplant. Patiala baigan is Indian cuisine named after the royal city of Punjab, Patiala. The dish is made with the smoked eggplant roasted on the fire and peeled afterward to cook with finely chopped onion, tomatoes, ginger, and selective Indian spices & raisins. Raisins are the key ingredient of Patiala baigan to make it a royal look & give a palatating taste.


Shahi paneer is a rich curried Indian cuisine and one of the bestseller dish of the Royal Curry House. The dish contains cut cubes of paneer(cottage cheese) cooked in a thick gravy made up of tomatoes, cashew paste, onion, garlic, and Indian spices, which gives the dish shahi (royal) taste and look. It has become one of the favorites and first-choice cuisine for vegetarians as well as meat lovers too.

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