If we talk about Indian cuisines, these are not only popular in India but also famous in every corner of the world for their authentic taste and a wide variety of colourful flavours. Nowadays, no matter if you are in India, America, Canada and Australia, every well-developed city may have an Indian restaurant to serve people mouth-watering and palatable dishes. If you also want to benefit from these delicious food items, why don’t you shake hands with the Indian Restaurant in Sydney? Here, you will get every type of Indian food.

Moving further, if you currently reside in Australia and miss your country’s food. Do not bother because the Indian restaurant serves your favourite food items you enjoyed while in India. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your evening with our vast menu and spend some time with you and delicious food.

List some top vegetarian and non-vegetarian Indian dishes

Non-vegetarian Indian food items

  • Grilled chicken escalope with fresh salsa: This dish is on the top bucket list of non-vegetarian people. To prepare this dish, the first chicken pieces are marinated in homemade kitchen spices with green chutney (prepared with coriander leaves). Meanwhile, salsa fish is grilled with the paste of grapes, cherry tomatoes and spring onion to add extra taste and flavour.
  • Mutton Korma: Mutton korma is another popular dish on the non-vegetarian menu. This mutton curry prepares with soft mutton pieces that add to the gravy of curd, cloves, cardamom, garlic-ginger paste, and cinnamon sticks. After adding all kitchen spices, this dish is ready to serve.
  • Tandoori lamb chops: Individuals also love to consume this food item. First, the lamb chops are marinated with flavoursome masalas and strained yogurt to prepare this dish. These marinated pieces then cook until they turn tender and get ready to serve with coriander sauce. Now, the dish is ready to impress food lovers.

Vegetarian Indian cuisines

  • Dal tadka: Dal tadka is the top favourite dish of vegetarian people who do not like to bite chicken. This food item forms with yellow lentils and other kitchen spices, ghee, or oil to add more taste and flavour. To make it more delicious, some restaurant owners add cream to this dish, and the dal tadka is ready to serve with naan and chapatis, pickles, and salad. Without eating the Dhaba style dal tadka and dal fry, the day of Indian people is incomplete.
  • Malai Kofta: Although malai kofta is always available in restaurants, Indian people live to have this dish on special occasions. Malai kofta is made with tomato cream, base sauces, and different kitchen spices. Koftas are prepared in various styles such as lauki kofta, kathal kofta and kele kofta. This dish is usually eaten with jeera rice and naan.
  • Spinach with Indian Cottage cheese (palak paneer): A best-ever favourite dish of vegetarian food lovers. This dish forms with spinach surrey and different kitchen species to add extra taste and soft cheese cubes. Together both ingredients form breathtaking and delicious food items that people love to eat with naan and chapatis.