Exceptional Choice: Butter Chicken Curry

Indian food and its journey of different flavors

Indian food has an exceptional and long history that many are unaware of. The craze and demand for Indian food have broken all the boundaries. No matter which place you talk about, Indian food is spreading its angel wings everywhere. Like it’s not difficult to look for the Best Indian restaurant in Sydney because the Indian chefs serve the most delectable food options.

No doubt every dish in Indian cuisine has a different yet exceptional taste. But one of the most toothsome options is the butter chicken curry. It’s the dish with the most exciting taste to palate your taste buds. Indeed! It’s an essential part of the North Indian Cuisine Restaurant Sydney.

Excellent taste of butter chicken curry

Try butter chicken curry if you are craving a toothsome non-veg or chicken meal. Being referred to as the traditional dish on the Indian restaurant menu makes it the choice to try out in all possible ways.

Even if you like mild curries and still want something that contains the right amount of spice, then adapt your taste buds to the butter chicken curry flavors. The taste is just excellent because of the variety of Indian spices. The butter chicken curry is known to have excellent flavors because of the addition of yogurt, which gives it a creamy texture and taste to it.

Don’t fall for the myth: Indian food is about curry

Indian cuisine has a lot more to it. The curry is just one name given to the meal to refer to the same. And not every curry option has the same taste to it. For every Indian food option, the preparation is different, and that’s the key reason for toothsome flavors with every bite of every dish you have.

Butter chicken curry: Explosion of flavors and ingredients

The plain yogurt, garlic cloves, ginger paste & grated ginger, ground cumin, garam masala, chili powder, lemon juice, and much more are used to marinate the chicken. On the other hand, for chicken curry, there’s sliced onion, chicken stock, thickened cooking cream, and tomato puree to elevate the taste.

Relish it with Indian bread

No doubt, Indian bread is one of the staple choices that have the flexibility to go with everything. With every bite that you take, there’s a heavenly flavor of butter chicken curry that lets you experience something heavenly altogether.

Adjust the spice level as per your spice tolerance!

When you order your favorite chicken curry at the restaurant, you can adjust the spice level as per your liking. Curries are exceptionally tasty meals that you can never go wrong with. It’s time to taste something that your taste buds won’t regret having, and you will crave to have the same over and over again.

Get ready to have the royal taste

Taste the royal Indian cuisine at The Royal Curry House. Be it butter chicken curry, dal makhani, or any other special item in Indian cuisine; we have got everything covered for you. You can book your order or order online.