Indian food is one of those cuisines that will give an experience like never before. You can get the infamous curries in their main course, and who can forget their sweets? It is remarkable!

In this blog, we will discuss the recipes comprising of meat or fish that the chef in the North Indian Cuisine Restaurant Sydney prepares. They use the wooden skewer, open flame, griller, or tandoor (clay oven). It is a barbeque technique that brings out all the flavors.

In India, all those meat items are known as kebabs and tikkas (Appetizers).

If you have not tried out kebabs yet, now is the right time for you to devour them.

From chicken, mutton, beef, fish, and prawns to paneer. You will get all the options catering to vegetarians and nonvegetarians from Takeaway Delivery Sydney.

Let us look at all the different kinds of kebabs you should try at least once.

Different Types Of Kebabs And Tikkas (Appetizers)

  • Chicken Tikka

The word tikka refers to the cooking style of chicken pieces. The chef marinates the boneless chicken chunks and pieces in tons of masalas, spices, and herbs. They also add yogurt and lemon juice to give the chicken a zingy touch. After that, they cook it in a tandoor till it is soft and tender. The most important part of chicken tikka is the spices. Without introducing all those exotic herbs and masalas, chicken tikka is bland.

  • Reshmi kebab

It is a traditional Mughlai appetizer with a silky texture and is succulent and juicy. A delectable dish that is also known as malai kebab. The chef prepares the dish by marinating large chunks of chicken with fresh cream, yogurt, almonds, and ground cashews.

After that, the chef places the chicken pieces on the skewers and grills them for at least 15 minutes until and unless it is soft and tender. Relish this delicious traditional Indian food at our restaurant and fall in love with the cuisine.

  • Tandoori prawn

Are you a seafood lover?

If yes, then you must try out our prawn tandoor. Our chef marinates the fresh prawns in spicy and tangy concoction that they make from different spices and herbs such as turmeric, red chili powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, and lemon juice.

After that, they grill it over the skewer till it is ready to devour. It is fresh, sweet, spicy, and tangy all at once. And I am sure you will enjoy it.

  • Ginger lamb chop

The chef uses flavor for lamb chops that are aromatic, warm, and delicious. However, it is not hot or spicy by any means. It is packed with unique flavors that you will love and enjoy. It is a perfect option for your appetizer if you love to indulge in mutton or lamb. Our chef serves this with a tangy, spicy, and refreshing chutney. It takes around 20 to 30 minutes for the chef to prepare this extraordinary dish.

Final Comments

Taste the flavors of traditional Indian food and explore the heritage of Indian cuisines through its recipes.

As a community, we desire to highlight the love for food as one.